Primoli – I.G.P. Toscano 250ml (12 units)

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An extra virgin olive oil can only be described as “artisan” if it has a story behind it, including the culture and skills of its place of production and a close bond with a particular area: in a word, its own “identity”.

Oil and wine. Tuscany is a region of hills that shape the landscape by alternating vineyards, olive groves and farmhouses.

The rural tradition in these areas boasts the primacy of cooperative work, a tradition of community built on the search for shared values and the strength of a web of small, mutually supportive realities.

This welcoming land bears witness to the harmonious coexistence of nature and history, with its roads that meet abbeys and cross rows of cypress trees in an itinerary of opportunities for good living.

Olive-growing in Tuscany bears witness to a tradition handed down for centuries: the early harvesting of olives directly from the trees kept low for this purpose and man’s constant commitment to sustainable cultivation produce an oil rich in aromas that aims for a balance of intense sensati.

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